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Wright State Connect delivers university resources and services to local businesses and communities while generating and supporting student experiential learning opportunities. It also allows faculty, students, economic stakeholders, and local entrepreneurs to share products, services, and intellectual property which can all be easily found within one digital environment.

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Dayton Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Wright State Connect provides local entrepreneurs with the ability to submit requests for support on opportunities, projects, and innovations that require interdisciplinary student and faculty subject matter expertise.


Student & Faculty Intrapreneurship

Wright State Connect also drives the much-needed experiential learning opportunities that will help students and faculty facilitate the intrapreneurial and creative problem-solving needed to help power Dayton’s growing digital economy.


We are committed to helping small businesses grow their revenue

Wright State Connect Was Built With Dayton Businesses In Mind

Wright State Connect enables the effortless brokerage of University assets to Dayton companies whether or not they occupy the WSU Emergence Center’s Entrepreneurship Hub. It provides resource revenue for participating colleges, facilities, students, and faculty.

Engagement via Spotlight Pro feature

Wright State Connect businesses can promote community events, assets, publications, research accomplishments, and more via multiple media options posted as a Spotlight on the platform’s home page. Each Spotlight generated by WSU businesses create push notifications directly to interested Dayton business owners.

Live Data-driven Business Insights

WSU Connect provides live business intelligence through a custom analytics dashboard yielding insights about customer and business engagements from a variety of metrics. Users can also deploy custom surveys within the platform to better understand Dayton's business and workforce development needs.

A Digital Think Tank Hub for the Dayton Community

Through one digital platform, Wright State University will drive a direct and positive impact on the surrounding community. WSU Connect encourages the development of new products with commercial potential within Dayton and empowers further entrepreneurship, job opportunities, and community growth within the regional economy.

“In an Environment where brick & mortar spaces are losing, the Wright State Emergence Center aims to create a 'Pandemic Proof' ecosystem within the local economy. Our vision is to help the Dayton business community aggregate and connect with experts, resources, and assets that will help power a better economic future for all.”

- Wright State Emergence Center Director
Wright State Foundation

We seamlessly connect innovative business solutions to enhance local collaboration, equity, and access within Dayton's growing digital economy.

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